Commercial Loan TrueRate Services: Everything You Need to Know


Commercial Loan TrueRate Services: Everything You Need to Know about Commercial Loan TrueRate Services

Anybody who has been looking or shopping for a commercial loan. Surely, that person must have come across commercial loan Truerate services.

Therefore, there are a lot of questions that might have also crossed your mind. These questions include; who are Truerate services, how can they help you get the best real estate or business loan and what other services can you expect from them?

Well as always, in the finance post, we are going to highlight to you everything you need to know about Commercial loan Truerate services. We are going to discuss the best and easy way to secure commercial loans from their commercial real estate capital markets and investment sales platform and leverage, which can help you to expand your business.

So, relax, because a lot we are discussing here. Continue to read below to see the full details about commercial loan Truerate services.

Who are Truerate?

It is always important to know who is dealing especially when it comes to loan applications. Truerate services is a commercial real estate capital market. And investment sales platforms that are bent on helping you find financing for your project.

These are done through the efficient, simple, standardized, and user-friendly portal for an accelerated, faster debt or equity placement process.

This firm was created in 2020 by Olive Tree Holdings. They have 50+ years of experience in the field. Its major trade is Capital Markets and Investment sales.

Commercial loan Truerate services

As we said above Truerate services help an individual or firm secure commercial loans in the commercial real estate industry.

What does this mean? It simply means that both lenders and debtors can use Commercial loan Truerate services to support the building of, and investment in commercial real estate properties.

This firm offers a lot of services and we are going to highlight a few of them below;

1. Investment sales.

In the Truerate services investment sales. The owners will benefit from real-time market commercial real estate market movements. This help determines the actual market value of a real estate asset.


You might be asking why is this necessary. Well, this is beneficial, as owners are assured of getting the right price for their assets informed by existing market conditions. With this Investment sale service, your assets are assured at the right price in the market.

2. Debt financing

I think this is the most common service that they offer and you might be familiar with the word too. With their debt financing, you can get money to start or grow your business. 

3. Equity Placement

This service is a very good business strategy that big companies use. With equity, placement capital is injected into funds in exchange for stocks in the company. Equity investors do not require the business to pay back the amount as the investors owe part of the company. They also, watch their ROI of growth as the company grows.

Commercial Loan Marketplace

this is a new act in which an online platform brings businesses looking to secure a commercial loan to inject into their business. In this aspect, the investors will be looking to buy or invest in the loan.

Commercial Mortgage TrueRate Services

Commercial mortgages are very important. They offer this service because, as businesses raise capital from investors through a mortgage debt instrument.

What is a Mortgage in this act? this is a form of loan to help a business with debt financing, the building of more commercial real estate assets, expansion, and capital expenditures among other use the business might have for the money.

Also, you have to know that commercial mortgages come with interest. Well through their Commercial real estate capital markets and investment sales, they help you acquire a commercial mortgage for your business.

This is just amazing because they would also offer advice on the best ways to go about getting the loan for your business.

Do you Want to Take a Loan? Consider these things;

Before, applying for a loan for your business or company. They are things you need to consider before taking that loan. This is because, most times, loans are difficult to pay back or misused.

How much to borrow

You need to know how much you make and spend. When you determine this, it will help you to know how much you can borrow. 

Know your income

If you know how much you earn, it can help you to determine, how much to get as a loan.

Commercial Loan TrueRate Services are amazing because getting loans to boost your business is very important. If you have any questions, kindly, use the comment box below and we will respond to you immediately.


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