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How Many Jobs Are Available In Capital Goods

There are over 1.5 million career jobs in capital goods worldwide. So, do you want to start a career in capital goods or you are searching for how many jobs are available in capital goods? Then, you need to carefully read this article.

In this article, we highlighted how many jobs are in capital goods. We also, discussed if capital goods are a good career path.

You must have heard that people in this sector earn very well. Yes, that’s true but we want to tell you too that there are a lot of Jobs available in the capital goods industries.

What are Capital Goods?

I know this question above is running through your mind. But we will take our time to explain everything to you here. The capital goods jobs are the jobs in the industrial sector.

You have to know that the capital goods sector is an important part of the economy. Because it provides the tools and resources needed for businesses to operate in any working economy.

What is Capital Goods Industry?

The capital goods industry is the manufacturing industry; these are companies that produce physical equipment, such as computers and paper products.

These manufacturers need machinery and tools to make their products. So, now you can see why this sector is very important to the general economy.

Capital Goods Sectors

You might be asking yourself this question, what are the sectors in capital goods? Well, they are about 4 top sectors in this industry. These sectors are listed below; 

  1.  Construction
  2.  Transportation
  3. Aerospace
  4. Defense

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Is Capital Goods A Good Career Path?

Yes, capital goods is a good career path that you should choose. Although the recent state of the economy determines a lot in this section as it is in other sectors. Many statistical firms carried out research to know if this is really a good career job. But according to statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 1.3 million jobs available in this sector.


How Many Jobs Are Available In Capital Goods

There are Millions of jobs available in capital goods, but today, we are going to list the top career jobs in this sector below;

1. Manufacturing Engineer

These are the ones in charge of production in the industry. For instance, the production engineers are tasked to plan and manage a product’s manufacturing process. But, in this section, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering and with lots of experience. A manufacturing engineer earns an average of $82,000 annually. 


2. Senior Mechanical Engineer  

These are mechanical engineers, who are in charge of planning and supervising product production processes done by the manufacturing section in the industry.

He or she must hold a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering with at least 5 years of working experience. Senior mechanical engineers earn around $92,000 yearly. This pay varies from company to company.

3. Electrical Engineer 

The sole role of Electrical engineers is to maintain and supervise a company’s electrical systems. A bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering is a must and a good working experience too. The pay is also good, as he or she earns an average of $84,000 yearly.

4. Robotics Engineer: 

Their sole role is to design automation tools and electromechanical robots. They always undergo a lot of training before being given this job in capital goods industries. They earn around $95,000 every year.

5. Manufacturing Manager: 

Someone in this position has a big responsibility, which is on equipment layout and process flow. They have a very high annual salary of $100,000 yearly. This is one of the most difficult jobs to get because it needs 10 years of working experience.

6. Software Designers

They use CAD software to develop and manufacture items. They hold a degree in computer science. They have an annual salary of $60,000.

7. Marketing Manager  

This is a very difficult role and job to get. The Marketing manager’s roles are to plan, direct, and coordinate a company’s marketing efforts. They must have a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a similar discipline and earn around $100,000 yearly.

8. Industrial Designer  

The Industrial designers are in charge of product development and plan on how to implement those products. The average annual income for industrial designers is $82,000 yearly

9. Engineering Manager 

The Engineering managers’ roles are to plan, direct, and coordinate a company’s engineering activities daily. It is a tough job to get because it requires a lot of experience in managing They earn around $110,000

10. Research Manager  

Research managers’ roles are to plan, lead, and coordinate a company’s research and development efforts.

The research and development managers of a company earn around $120,000 yearly.

Over 1.3 Million Jobs are available in the capital goods industry, these statistics vary as they are a lot of opportunities every day in this sector.


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