How Many Jobs Are Available in Real Estate Investment Trusts?


How Many Jobs Are Available in Real Estate Investment Trusts?

There are thousands of job opportunities in Real estate. As we all know that real estate is a lucrative investment business.

The best thing about investing in the real estate business is that its value increases greatly over time
Therefore, thousands and millions of dollars of capital are put into the real estate sector by real estate investment trusts.

An employment opportunity in the REIT industry can offer you a diverse array of experiences that will teach you the fundamentals of real estate investment.

REIT is a very good career path because of the increase in demand for real estate agents or agencies.

What are Real Estate Investment Trusts?

These are generally known as REITs. Real estate investment trusts are big companies that help to manage real property in many sectors of the economy for companies or individual clients.

The sole reason why REITs were created, is because they want the smaller investors to access income-producing properties in their different countries.

However, before the creation of REITs, real estate projects and properties in the commercial and industrial sectors were out of reach for most real estate investors that need big capital to buy.

Therefore, there are a few REITs we are going to highlight below;

1. Medical Real Estate Investment Trusts

What medical real estate investment trusts do is that. They acquire buildings such as hospitals and care homes. The REITs in the sector focus on elderly care and nursing home properties. You will find a good number of them in the U.S.

2. Residential Real Estate Investment Trusts

The REITs in this sector of real estate focus on getting residential properties. When they obtain these properties, they intend to rent them out to tenants to generate passive income. 

3. Commercial Real Estate Investment Trusts

Commercial real estate investment trusts the main function is to acquire commercial real estate. These properties can be used for commercial purposes. They also get large office spaces which they rent to big firms.

4. Hospitality Real Estate Investment Trusts

The resort and hospitality real estate investment trust’s role is to get properties related to the travel sector. These properties include hotels and resorts around the world. Most times, these properties are owned by REITs and they now rent if to client that wants to do business with them.


How many Jobs are available in Real Estate Investment Trusts?

The REIT industry is so large that it offers a variety of job opportunities to everybody. If you are educated or not, this sector has job vacancies for you. In a recent study according to Nareit. The analysis shows that real estate investment trusts contributed about 2.9 million jobs to the U.S. economy in 2020, with about 308,000 full-time employees directly employed by REITs.

As of today of writing this article, real estate investment trusts in the United States own an estimated gross total of $3.5 trillion. This is so massive, that it contributes a lot to the U.S economy.

However, like we said they are a lot of jobs in this sector. The educated and experienced ones in finance get the best jobs and good pay. So, below we are going to list the top jobs available in real estate investment.

1. Real Estate Agent

Many people must have heard about real estate agents but don’t know how to become one. Well, becoming an agent in this sector is easy and simple. All you have to do is to apply, then take a simple test or examination and get your license.

You must be very good at sales for you to excel as a real estate agent. Although, many real estate agents work under an agency while some work as individuals.

2. Capital Market Analyst

What does a capital market analyst do in the real estate investment trust? Well, a capital market analyst analyzes and models out the financing that is in the real estate investment trust’s assets. 

3. Leasing Consultant

This is simply a salesperson who leases properties out to tenants. As a leasing consultant, you can work independently. Although most times they work directly for REITs. 

4. Property manager

Every REIT needs a property manager because they own large properties that house multiple tenants. The Property management of a real estate investment trust involves income, as maintaining these properties is important.

If these propertiees are managed properly, the existing tenants are kept happy and it can help to attract new targets. Because nobody would want to live in a very poorly managed property, especially in the United State.

5. Human resource manager

As they are thousands of people that work under a real estate investment trust in different positions. For such a big sector to run very well. It must have an HR Manager.

An HR manager in this sector must have a degree and a good number of years of experience. He or she must be able to communicate well and be calm in handling situations.

There are millions of job opportunities in real estate investment trusts. REITs are companies that provide financing for income-producing real estate in a variety of sectors. You have to know that people in this sector earn very well from salaries and commissions.


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