How to Apply for Big Brother UK Application 2022/2023

How to Apply for Big Brother UK Application 2022/2023

It was announced that BBUK will be back on ITV next year. The Uk Big Brother is watched by many in the country and beyond. You might be wondering how I get cast for Big Brother UK But, we are here for you. So, the Big Brother application form for the UK is out. In the last edition, the winner received £70,000 at a shot.

Big Brother UK Application  Latest News Update

A top television channel ITV2 confirmed it will host the return of Big Brother yesterday at a press conference. However, you have to know that this series has been off-air for four years, The good news now is that it is set to make a return in 2023. Here, comes the question, how can you apply for the new series?

How to Apply for Big Brother on ITV2

  • Firstly, you’ll need to sign up on their website via
  • Then, you must email this audition website a video of yourself that is no longer than two minutes long.

When would Big Brother UK Applications close?

Right, they aren’t accepting applications, but that will change when the time for the show nears. US, Nigeria, and Australian series have begun airing fresh episodes of the show.

How Much is Big Brother UK Application Form?

 It is Free

What is the Big Brother UK Application process?

 This is just very simple, they will view your video, and if it is selected, you will be informed.

You have read the above carefully to see how to apply for Big Brother UK 20223. If you have questions, kindly use the comment box below. Good Luck!!!

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