Is Public Utilities A Good Career Path? (Everything Explained)


Is Public Utilities A Good Career Path?  

Yes, public utilities is a very good career path. You might be asking yourself why I answered Yes. Yes, I answered yes and this is why. Being a professional in the public utility field is that you are at the heart of maintaining the infrastructure for public service. 

Therefore, they are a lot of facts to support my claim above. But we won’t go far because according to research carried out by infidelity, the utility sector had a market capitalization of over $1.58 trillion. Wow, Do you even know what these statistics meant? It simply that means the market cap of the public utility sector is high and in high demand.

Here comes the big question. We have been talking about this sector. But must be asking yourself now, which companies are in the utility sectors? The companies in the public utilities sectors are electric, gas, or water utilities, or those that operate as producers or distributors of power. Just get a drink and continue to read below for the full details about Utilities Jobs.

Why Public Utilities Is a Good Career Path for You.

Yes, public utilities jobs are good career paths. But Why? Well, take Exelon Crop company as an instance. Exelon Corp is one of the biggest public utility companies. Its core mission is to develop talent. Having a career at Exelonis an amazing thing. You will enjoy working with them.

So, these reasons we listed below are why public utilities is a good career path for you.

Personal Growth: Getting a job is one thing but that job allowing you or giving you personal growth is another thing. With a career in public utilities, personal growth is assured.


Wage/Salary: This is amazing because according to glassdoor, the national average salary for a Public Utilities Specialist is $75,142 per year for entrylevel in the United States. This simply means that with such a job, you can take care of yourself and responsibility.

Job Security: Jobs that are not secured are not always good career jobs. But these jobs have good security that, you can work without the fear of getting a sack letter when you did nothing wrong.

What Training is Required for a Career in Public Utilities?

As in every sector, you need the training to be able to compete in this sector. Therefore, as someone who wants a career in public utilities. They just may need some technical training. Also if you are in the top section, you might need a degree in engineering or a related field. 

Top 10 Public Utilities Company You Can Work

There are a lot of Public utility companies worldwide. But, we are going to discuss the 10 best Public Utilities companies where you can pursue your Public Utilities careers.

  • Enel SpA: The company is based in Rome, Enel SpA is a multinational power company and a leading integrated player in the world’s power and gas markets, with a presence in 32 countries and a focus on Europe and Latin America.
  • Engie: It is a French multinational utility providing a broad spectrum of energy and environment services to customers in more than 70 countries.
  • Électricité de France SA: It is a French state-owned company that provides services such as power generation, transmission, distribution, and trading.
  • Tokyo Electric Power Co. Holdings (TKECY): The company generates and distributes electricity through the Tokyo area and several other regions in Japan. An integrated utility company, the firm utilizes hydroelectric, nuclear, and thermal power sources.
  • E.ON SE: It is a Germany-based company and is an international energy supplier with operations across Europe. The company’s focus is on power and gas distribution, while it also operates a customer solutions branch that is focused on energy sales, infrastructure, and growth businesses.
  • Korea Electric Power Corp. (KEP): This company generates and distributes electricity for a variety of residential and business uses.
  • Iberdrola SA: It is a Spanish multinational electric utility with operations in the U.S., U.K., Spain, Portugal, and throughout Latin America.
  • Centrica PLC: Centrica primarily supplies electricity and gas to customers across the U.K. and elsewhere in Europe as well as in the U.S.
  • Exelon Corp. (EXC): Exelon Corp is one of the largest domestic power generators and it operates as a utility services holding company serving millions of customers in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and several other areas of the U.S.
  • Kansai Electric Power Co. Inc (KAEPY): Kansai Electric Power Co. provides electricity to customers in Osaka and the surrounding Kansai region in Japan.

Career In Public Utilities Requirements 

As always education qualifications are very important because as days go by, it is becoming competitive. So, below are the basic requirements you will need to apply for this job;

  • Entry-level jobs have minimal education requirements; Many entry-level jobs in Public Utilities are easy to get into. For example, 50% of Sewer and Drain Technicians only needed a High School Diploma to start their career
  • Bachelor’s Degrees; Many of the highest-paying jobs in the industry only require a Bachelor’s Degree, with the most common majors being in Engineering (Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, etc.).
  • Certifications; Although not every Public utility field needs certifications, they are useful too. The Certified Utility Safety Professional (CUSP), Public Power Manager, and the Public Utility Regulation and Economics (PURE) are some of the needed.

Public Utilities is a good career pathway, So if you have a passion for such, I solely advise you to take it with your full heart. You will enjoy it too.



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