When Will the NECO Withheld Result 2023 be Released? (All Solutions)


When Will the NECO Withheld Result 2023 be Released? (All Solutions)

So, when checking your NECO Result, you have noticed that some of your subjects are showing HELD, OUTSTANDING, or CANCEL. This means that your NECO result is withheld.

Therefore, are you among the candidates experiencing HELD, OUTSTANDING, or CANCEL when checking your NECO result? Then, carefully through this article.

We are receiving questions like; What should I do if I see a withheld NECO result? You kindly have to note that the phrases HELDOUTSTANDING, or CANCEL in your result have explanations. So, chill and read through as we explain all these to you.

When Will the NECO Withheld Result 2023 be Released?

The Nigerian Examinations Committee (NEC) will first have to convene a conference to discuss the results, after which it will consider the verdict of those candidates involved in misconduct. But, if you are not involved in any misconduct, your results will be released soon.

The NECO  will release the withheld result along with the next result to be released. I pray that your results will be released without errors. Please relax while waiting for NECO to release the pending results.

Is NECO Withheld Result Released?

Yes, the latest news says NECO Withheld results will be released soon after the results are processed. If you don’t want to miss out on the latest updates comment below right now.

 Reasons Why Your NECO Result Is Withheld

Below is one of the results while your NECO 2022 results are showing, HELD, OUTSTANDING, or CANCEL.

Exanimation Malpractice

Exam malpractice is the most common reason for the seizure of NECO results, although your situation may be different.

The investigator may have caught you cheating and handed you a form to fill out. However, this may explain the reason why your result is held. Another reality is that copying other people’s work adds to it.


If any malpractices are found at your examination center, you will all be held responsible. There will be cases where the results will be released, and the candidates caught with expo will likely face sanctions.

So, this is usually the main reason why some people’s results are been withheld or have outstanding results.

Using Exams Machinery

Some candidates have done this in the past. They no longer write their exams but hire someone to help them write the exam. If your NECO was written by someone else and you’re reading this, know that you’re the reason why your result is held.

Some candidates do this for many reasons, including lack of time. It’s a bad idea to hire machinery to write exams for you. In these circumstances, we recommend that you wait until the NECO board decides if they will release your result or not.

You Were Caught Making Nose During the Examination: 

Let me be clear about one thing. If you are found making noise during the exam, you will be asked to present your ID card for scanning or to take your fingerprint.

The machine records all sounds in the environment during this process. Making a lot of noise during the exam could be considered bad practice.

However, did the invigilator write something on your answer sheet as a result of you making noise? If yes! Your result is being held due to that. 

Did You Fill Form?

Perhaps you committed an offense during the examination and were given a form to fill out. Your results won’t be available online immediately.


NECO 2023 withheld result is out. Kindly follow the steps above to check your withheld results and how to check them online without pins.


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