NPower PPA Letter Not Downloading (See Solution)


NPower PPA Letter Not Downloading (See Solution)

We notice that some candidates are having issues trying to download your NPower PPA letter. So, if you are one of those, then, you are at the right place for the solution to NPower PPA Letter Not Downloading.

Therefore, the Npower shortlisted candidates are to log in to their dashboard via the NASIMS portal.  With their mobile device or business center to check their deployment status.
Note that, they should download their deployment letter and visit their primary assignment site to check their acceptance or rejection status.

However, most of the beneficiaries have issues downloading their deployment letters due to technical problems from the NPower portal. So, this impacted the physical verification date (August 31), leading N-Power management to postpone the physical verification procedure indefinitely.
Also, many NPower candidates have complained of their inability to download their Primary Place of Assignment (PPA) on their dashboard.

In this post, we are going to outline all the solutions you need to solve this problem. All the batch C stream 2 candidates are advised to read this post till the end.


Npower PPA letter Not Downloading

 Follow the steps below to download your Npower PPA letter. If you are having a problem with the NPower PPA Letter Not Downloading.

  1. Firstly, use the Chrome browser.
  2. Change the view to desktop view,
  3. Then, input your details,
  4. Tap on the download button. (As usual, an error message pops up)
  5. Here is where the solutions lie,
  6. Ignore the error message and keep tapping the download button nonstop for some time.
  7. Patiently wait for it to download.
  8. Consequently, so many people are trying to download at the same time, resulting in the error message.

But, if the above solution doesn’t work for you, follow this method too;

  1. Download the Brave browser,
  2. Login to the Npower Nasims portal using the browser
  3. Change your overview to the Desktop site from the options menu. 
  4. Finally, click the download button until you download your PPA letter. 

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