Okash Loan | How to Get Loan, Invest and Repay

Okash Loan | How to Get Loan, Invest and Repay  Okash Loans.

Okash load app download is an app where you can easily apply for quick and easy loans. In this article, we are going to discuss How to get an Okash Loan? How to apply for an Okash Mobile loan in Nigeria and Repay it easily.

What Okash Loan?

An Okash is among the best loan apps in Nigeria for quick loans without any collateral or paperwork. It was launched in 2018.
Also, Okash is a micro-lending product of Opay, a fintech subsidiary of Opera Group, the founder of the Opera mini web browser.
Therefore, these loans are offered to individuals, salary earners, and business owners through the Okash mobile app. So, with this loan app, getting loans is easy and fast. Continue to read below to see the detail on how to apply for quick loans in Nigeria.

What are the Okash Loan Requirements?

It is very important that before you apply for any mobile loan in Nigeria, You check their requirements;

  1. Valid bank details( account number, account name)
  2. Valid means of identification
  3. ID Photo
  4. BVN number
  5. You must be between the age range of 20- 55 years
  6. Monthly Income
  7. Complete Okash application.

Okash Loan App Download: How to Apply for Okash Loan

  1. Download the Okash app via the Google play store
  2. Register by creating an account
  3. Login into your Okash account
  4. Check your displayed loan limit displayed and select the amount
  5. Choose loan duration and click “apply”
  6. Then, wait for a few minutes to get a notification message that your application is under review
  7. Once the application is reviewed, funds will be disbursed to your Opay wallet from which you can withdraw to your bank account.

What is Okash USSD Code?

The OKash USSD code is *955#. However, you have to note that this shortcode only works when you already have an account created on the platform. The code provides you with a seamless experience while making transactions on your account. Therefore, anytime, you want to check your loan application or balance. Kindly use Okash shortcode *955#

How to Repay Okash Loans

  1. Open the Okash app on your mobile device
  2. Then, login into your account
  3. Click on the “Make a repayment” option
  4. Fill in the required details
  5. Double-Check for Accuracy and attached details
  6. Then, select the “repay” button
  7. Once the transaction is successful, you will receive an alert to confirm that the loan has been repaid.

Kindly note that: Okash utilizes the Auto debit system that instantly deducts your loan balance on its
due date.

Okash Interest Rate

Okash interest rate is between 0.1% -1% daily with an APR of 36.5% per annum and a one-time origination fee ranging from N1,229 – to N6,000 in Nigeria.

Benefits of using this Mobile Loan App

  • Okash is fast, secure, reliable, and very easy to use
  • Great customer service
  • No collateral or paperwork
  • No hidden charges
  • You can obtain up to an N50,000 loan.

No disbursement delay. Loan issuance takes place within 5 minutes.

Okash is a very good loan application in Nigeria that gives out loans very easily and quickly. With the above article, you can see it is very easy to know how to apply for Okash. Use the comment box below if you have any questions about the Okash loan application.

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