Ribala.org Login Review | Make ₦50,000 Weekly ( Is it Real or A Scam? )


Ribala.org Login Review  Make 50,000 Naira Weekly,   Is it Real or A Scam? Found out

Make 50,000 in 7 days. Yes, it is very possible with the Ribala platform. Is ribala a scam? Just chill and read below to find out if Ribala is a scam or real.

Therefore, many online money-making platforms have emerged recently. Some of them pay for a while and crash later, some are complete scams while only but a few are legit.

So, continue to read this review to see all the detail about this money-making website in Nigeria. In our preview money-making review, we discussed Nairagain, this is also a good platform where you can earn money in Nigeria.

What is ribala.org? 

The Ribala is a digital currency that aims to revolutionize the way money is been created and distributed! It wouldn’t cost anything to send or receive Ribala, making it practical and feasible for everyday transactions, and even micro-transactions.  

Also, The Ribala ICO is an initial offering with the aim of proofing the concept around Ribala, by distributing a total of 1Billion Ribala (₦ 1 billion). By participating in the ICO, you can earn up to ₦50,000 worth of pre-launched Ribala.

 In this platform, there are 5 levels in the ICO. Every participant starts from L1 and can continue upgrading till they’ve reached L5. The ICO will end when 1Billion Ribala has been distributed.


Ribala.org is a newborn peer-to-peer lending platform where members loan each other funds in return for a commission. In addition, you have to note that 1 Ribala= 1 naira as 1 dollar = 615 naira

How to Earn on Ribala

Earn on ribala.org is very easy and simple. All you have to do as their user is follow the steps listed below; Ribala has some basic ways of earning which are, ribala ICO and referrals.

  • Level 1: Members will join with a fee of N500 and receive N1,000 in 6 hours. Members are required to bring 2 other partners to the platform to receive their Ribala. This is required only on Level 1.
  • Level 2: Members will join with a fee of N1,500 and receive N3,000 in 18 hours.
  • Level 3: Members will join with a fee of N4,000 and receive N8,000 in 24 hours.
  • Level 4: Members will join with a fee of N10,000 and receive N20,000 in 48 hours.
  • Level 5: Members will join with a fee of N25,000 and receive N50,000 in 72 hours

How to Withdraw on Ribala. org

To withdraw your money on this platform. Firstly, Click on the “sell” icon on your dashboard below. Fill in the necessary pieces of information to withdraw to your bank account.

Note that the minimum withdrawal is #500. Immediately, you will receive your reward after merging, you can withdraw it straight to your bank account. You can see it is very simple, Isn’t it?

Is ribala.org a Scam? 

At the moment the platform seems to be legit as of now because they are currently paying their members. We also advise you to do your background check about them before investing your hard-earned money.

Ribala is a platform where its members make 50,000 nairas in just 7 days. Ribala is not a scam for now as their people have received payment from them.

Therefore, If you have any questions about them, kindly use the comment box below.


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