What Companies are in the Basic Industries Field Sector?


What Companies are in the Basic Industries Field Sector?

There are many top companies in the basic industries sector. So, because of this, If you’re looking for a new career, you might have heard about the words “basic industries.”

Well, the report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2019, said, there were over 6 million American firms classified by the NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) as “basic industries” companies, and they employed over 136 million workers. This is to tell you that they are lots of job opportunities in the basic industries field.

In this article, we are going to highlight to you the best top companies in this field. We will also, discuss if the basic industries field is a good career path. In our previous article, we discussed the best companies in the electric utility field.

Is Basic Industries a Good Career Path? 

Yes, the basic industry field is a very good career pathway. Although we are not going to force you or tell you the career moves to take, the essence of the article is to educate you, that this sector is a good career path. 

The concrete advantage of working in the basic industries sector is that there is a lot of stability and security. And stability and security are what everyone needs in a job field and this basic industry sector provides that easily.

Also, companies in this field are big and well-established, so they can always offer high-paying and offer good benefits packages.


What are the Basic Industries?

Like we said before that they are a lot of companies in the basic industries field. So, the basic industries are companies that businesses are supplying raw materials for other industries to fabricate or manufacture goods.

Also, the basic industries start with the exploration of raw materials and end with the extraction and processing of such materials.

Types of companies in the basic industries field

  • Basic chemical production
  • Mining and metal extraction
  • Agricultural
  • Forestry and logging
  • Oil and gas extraction

What Companies are in the Basic Industries Field? 

There are numerous companies in the basic industries field. But today, we are going to list the top best 17 companies in the basic industries sector;

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Top Best 17 Companies in the Basic Industries Sector

  1. UOP LLC
  2. Arkema Inc
  3. Akzo Nobel N.V
  4. Honeywell International Inc
  5. General Electric Co
  6. Dow Chemical Company
  7. LyondellBasell Industries NV
  8. BASF ( E.I.)
  9. DuPont ( E.I.)
  10. Chevron Corporation. Chevron Corporation
  11. PPG Industries
  12. International Paper
  13. Procter & Gamble Company
  14. Cargill
  15. DuPont de Nemours
  16. Sealed Air Corporation
  17. Rudolph and Sletten

Best Paying Job in Basic Industries 

Due to several job opportunities in this field, there is an endless list of paying jobs in the basic indurtoies, but we are going to list the top 10 best paying jobs in this sector below.

Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Basic Industries Field

  1. Welders
  2. Plumber
  3. Electrician
  4. Machinist
  5. Construction Worker
  6. Food Handler
  7. Laborer
  8.  Janitor
  9. Cashier/Receipt Clerk
  10. Security Guard

The basic industries field is the largest industry sector in the United States. So, companies in the basic industries field provide raw materials for other companies to produce or manufacture goods.


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