Your IP has been Temporarily Blocked – How to Unblock Your IP Easily


Your IP has been Temporarily Blocked – How to Unblock Your IP Easily

Your IP address is blocked, next question on your mind is, How can I unblock my IP? Well, before, you discuss that it is of goodwill, we let you know why your IP was blocked in the first place.

So, your IP address might have been blocked due to reasons unknown to you. When you notice that your IP is blocked, most times when you open a browser and try to access your favorite websites. Then, a notification pops up on your browser – an error and unable to connect to the server.

Although, sometimes, this error comes from the site you’re trying to visit on your browser. An IP address is very important as it helps you to connect to the site’s servers.

Your IP Address is Temporarily Blocked: What Does it Mean?

Every device has its unique IP linked with the service provider. As we access the internet daily, our IP is what interacts with those websites we access. Your IP address is in numbers. They are reasons why these unique numbers are blocked from visiting a particular website. 

Reasons Why Your IP Address is Blocked

Geographical ban

Funnily enough, this geographical ban occurs with us the user not knowing the time. We can only be aware when we are now trying to access the site.

Although, you have to know that some websites are not really easy to access. Also, due to national concern, a country might decide to block IP from a particular country visiting its website.

Rule Violation

You have to know that there are some regulations, which sometimes the firewall and server take to block IP addresses. These rules determine what particular activities you might want to do.

Also, most times, you might not be aware of the rules they both use to block IP addresses. A violation of the rules can lead to temporarily blocking of your IP addresses depending on when it will be sorted out. So, you see that most times, we don’t even know why our IP addresses are blocked.


Scanning of ports

Due to the fact that hackers use scanning of ports to know the vulnerabilities of a website. This is then, taken seriously. Scanning of ports is considered a threat and suspicious. This, also, leads to the blocking of IP.

Multiple Login Attempts

If you a have different device and a website password and usernames are saved on these devices. Multiple tries to log in to these websites at the same time might lead to the blocking of IP.

In most cases, a friend or family member that has access to the device might try to log in. We advise you to log out of any website if you are not the only one using the device.

How to Unlock your IP Address

If your IP address is blocked. It is always advisable to wait for at least 24 to see if it will be unblocked. Although, there are some methods that can also help to fasten the unblocking of your IP address when blocked.

Firstly, try changing the IP address on your network, or getting a new IP address can help solve the issue immediately.

Secondly, try connecting to another network or another wifi network. This also solves the issue immediately if the ban is not geographical.

Finally, using VPN is a very good way to access a website if you are blocked from using it. This helps if the ban is geographical.

If you follow the steps above, rest assured that you can access that website that blocked your IP address. If you have any questions, kindly use the comment box below.


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